Mervielde as logistics support for Lineas and Cargill's biodiesel project

02 April 2024

Last week, railway operator Lineas presented the first locomotive powered by FAME, a waste oil (produced, among other things, from cooking oil) that is processed into biofuel.

The project in collaboration with Cargill is currently in the final testing phase. The results are promising: the FAME locomotive emits up to 85% less CO2 than a diesel engine type.

As a company that is strongly committed to sustainable logistics solutions, Mervielde is proud to be part of the project.

'In addition to the use of alternative fuels, synchromodal transport by railway is a very interesting way for us to supply liquids,' says Patrick Mervielde, Managing Director.
'We are pleased to be able to provide logistics support to Lineas and Cargill as a fixed partner and thus contribute to an innovative milestone for sustainable freight transport in the Ghent seaport.'

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