Storage in fixed tanks and tank containers

Mervielde offers exceptionally flexible storage in tank containers over the short or long term to customers who are looking for additional storage options. Our tank containers have capacities between 25 CBM and 35 CBM.

Storage in tank containers is possible on the customer’s site and also at our premises. We have our own container depot and reach stacker (40T). Mervielde also offers storage facilities in fixed tanks at its own depot. These tanks have a capacity of 15 to 460 CBM. Mervielde has a recognized customs and tax warehouse.

Furthermore, our efficient heating system with automatic temperature control is available for use by customers. Our new site at Kuhlmannlaan in Ghent has been built in accordance with Seveso guidelines, which means that the company is authorized to store hazardous substances here.

Filling and reconditioning

In addition to the possibility of storage in fixed tanks and tank containers, Mervielde has the facilities required for filling drums and IBCs with liquids. We are also able to store drums and IBCs and we can transfer the content of smaller packages into larger containers.

Filtering and mixing

Mervielde has the capability to filter and mix products at its own depot. We also have tankers equipped with a filter system and a ‘fluid control unit’.

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