Transport Mervielde further invests in its fleet

02 March 2023

20 new tractors with a focus on reduced fuel consumption and increased safety

With the purchase of these tractors (10 DAFs and 10 MANs), Mervielde is committed to reduced fuel consumption, increased safety and more comfort for its drivers.

The new generation DAF XG is equipped with a digital vision system that replaces the wide-angle mirror and widens the field of vision. This system replaces the front-view and side-view mirrors. The additional lower window in the passenger door also improves driver visibility. MAN also bets on optimum visibility with its new tractors via the OptiView function.

Several innovative fuel control features, such as Predictive Cruise Control, were also added to the tractors. This anticipates approaching changes in gradient and can adjust the shift strategy. The optimized EcoRoll then prevents unnecessary braking and consequent energy loss.

MAN tractors also feature fuel-efficient engines, better aerodynamics and other innovations that boost efficiency. This allows for fuel savings of up to 3.7%.

Ten new customised container chassis for Mervielde

Mervielde also used ten new container chassis developed by our partner Van Hool. This chassis was designed with Van Hool in the early 2000s and is tailor-made for our 20ft containers. The chassis features an ergonomic step-in, which makes connecting when loading and unloading much easier and more felling.

The cooperation with Van Hool dates back to the start of the Mervielde company in 1978. The tank section of the oldtimer with the date of 1st submission 13/06/1978 was designed by Van Hool then.