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Quality, safety, environment and health are essential to the overall company policy at Transport Mervielde and Transport Van Heesvelde and is according ISO9001:2008,SQAS,ISO 22000 and EFTCO-Food standards.

  • In our organisation, quality is important. ISO 9001: 2008 was implemented and we are certified for all departments within the company. This certification confirms for both Transport Mervielde and our clients that we are working on quality every day and guaranteeing an excellent service.
  • We also comply with the ISO 22000 quality system for the cleaning of food products in the tank cleaning.
  • The safety of our employees and the environment comes first. The safety objectives are also clearly described in our policy statement. Transport Mervielde makes efforts every day that go beyond the legal and our clients’ requirements. Additional safety measures that we take: e.g. dual walkways on road tankers, tank containers and ground-operated road tankers.
  • Since 2005, we have held the SQAS certificate for Transport, Tank cleaning and Warehouse.
  • Transport Mervielde has been part of the “Truck veilig charter “Safe Truck Charter” since 2013 and invests in extra initiatives connected to safety on the road. Some investments made are: Lane guard system , emergency brake system (EBA) and own area to adjust blind-spot mirrors .
  • Transport Mervielde voluntarily takes part in the “Veilig op weg“ (Safety on the road) campaign, organised by TLV in collaboration with some sponsors and companies from the transport industry. We visit primary schools and give a theoretical and practical course to children on how to deal with heavy vehicles on the road.
  • In order to meet environmental laws, we have our own biological water treatment system to purify the waste water from tank cleaning.
  • As a result of our concerns for the environment, since 2003 Transport Mervielde has also been taking part in the ”Milieucharter Oost-Vlaanderen” “East Flanders Environment Charter”. This is our way of showing that in addition to meet the legal standards, we as a company are also making continuous efforts to benefit our employees, the environment and our surroundings. Furthermore, each year we draw up an action plan that helps us as company to become more environmentally friendly.
  • Transport Mervielde also participates in the” Lean & Green Award “ by the Flemish Institute for Logistics in which we have undertaken to reduce energy efficiency our CO2 emissions by at least 20 % over 5 years.
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