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  • Transporting liquids for the chemical industry requires specialists, specific equipment and professional know-how.
  • Transport Mervielde has a modern fleet that can be easily adapted to meet customers’ specific requirements and specifications.
  • All trucks and trailers are ADR approved and are equipped with the latest, high-performance safety systems.
  • All of our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers. This enables us to monitor transport operations in real-time and to anticipate changes if needed.
  • Transport Mervielde has specialised road tankers with up to 9 compartments for the distribution of liquids.
  • These road tankers are equipped with several unloading systems fitted with meters. This allows us to load/unload different products in the same tanker without any risk of contamination.
  • The unloading systems include remote control and overfill protection system to prevent spills during unloading.
  • Our distribution road tankers are equipped with steerable axles which enables us to unload at premises that are difficult to access
  • Transport Mervielde offers the option of intermodal transport (rail/ferry/road), based on parameters such as transit time, accessibility and cost.
  • We work together with reliable and verified partners that adhere to our quality standards.
  • At present, Transport Mervielde has 150 ISO tank containers with capacities ranging between  25,000 L and 35,000 L.
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