Veilig op Weg 2021

08 October 2021

Transport Mervielde was once again present at Veilig op Weg, an organization of Transport & Logistiek Vlaanderen (TLV).

After an interruption of more than two years for the known reasons and exactly twenty years after the first edition, Transport Mervielde was back again. More than 800 students of the fifth and sixth grade of various Evergem schools learned on the domain of the Castle of Wippelgem how to move safely around a truck and in traffic.

Four main rules

Accompanied by our driver Guido, the children were made aware of the dangers of the blind spot. TLV describes four main rules for those who walk or cycle near a truck at a dangerous intersection:

  • Never walk right in front of or behind a truck;
  • Always stop before the stop line;
  • Does the truck turn right? Then stay well behind it and wait for the truck to continue on its way;
  • If you see the driver, he can see you too!

Not only the blind spot was on the program. The children also learned about the dangers of drunkenness in traffic, ventured into a traffic park and agility course, learned how to repair their bicycle and how to provide first-line care in the event of an accident.